Asher Edri Law Offices is among the most well respected offices in the field of criminal law.

The main practice of the office relates to all various matters of criminal law, pertaining to both white-collar crimes, and severe crimes. In this regard, the office focuses on representation for detentions, handling trials in complex cases and criminal appeals.

In addition, the office practices administrative law and it represents individuals and corporations in petitions to the High Court of Justice, in administrative petitions, and more.

Advocate Asher Edri established the office after having acquired significant experience in long years of work with the State Attorney's Office as well as in working alongside the renowned criminal attorney Beni Nahari.

The office's prominence derives primarily from the quality of representation that it offers its clients and its achievement of outstanding professional standards. The special quality of representation that characterizes the office is the foundation for all of the many successes that the office achieves for its clientele.

In appropriate cases, in order to ensure the quality of representation, the office will retain the services of well-known experts from varied areas of expertise (Physicians, psychologists, media advisors and more), with the purpose of promoting achievement of the goals that were set, in the best possible manner.

The office represents its clients with determination and resoluteness, while maintaining ethical guidelines.

The office professes the approach that every client is "a world unto himself", and it provides personal attention and empathy for every client.

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